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Our service is to share our experiences with those who wish to know more about our Carita Baka Baka Tour, included Krakatau, Ujung Kulon National Park and Baduy Tribe. to show closely our nature pure, and enjoy the stunning beauty of  Sunda strait nature, to get close with the friendly local tribes, to see with their own and wonderful arts and cultures, and to discover the world most diverse and exotic wildlife.We also focus on eco tour,community based eco-tourism, trekking and  adventure, these program are taking places in Carita, Krakatau, Ujung Kulon, and Baduy Tribe Village, located in Carita Beach.
This may help local community development, local economic and local resources, and Adventure tours and Culture tours. We bring you to the special, one of Indonesian most beautiful and special destination, deep insight into the culture and natural heritage.
Beautiful Carita beach of west Java  is known for its unique natural, stunning natural beauty—beaches, mountains, volcanoes, rice terraces—exotic local food and kind locals. What on Earth are you waiting for? Book a room with  Baka Baka Tour!. Thank you, “TERIMA KASIH” for visiting, and we humbly hope that you would be our next clients to enjoy our services.

Java Volcano Tour

Indonesia Archipelago lies on the ring of Globe fire,from the westrn most Sumatra island up to Papua Island in the most eastern part of Indonesia,consisting so many vulcanic mountains,They are active volcano and dead volcano eitherare a great Panorama of Indonesian tour destination.Its Popular tour package which offered.Java is an Island has most volcanoes and hold much history of volcano each them such as : Krakatau Volcano in Sunda


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